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Natural Materials

Ash Glazes

I make tableware decorated with wood-ash glazes. I keep my forms simple to give the glazes a voice.

Glazes are what excites me the most in my work. I test for the sake of it, often with no objective in mind; there are no borders, you become an explorer, an adventurer. Every new source of ash is a playing field where I get to find new exciting games.


Cider jar

shovel containing slate
Slate and Le Moulin à Couleurs

I also try to incorporate slate in my glazes as it is close to my heart, the Ardennes region, my birthplace, being famous for its blue slate. I am very proud to be able to trace my slate back to Rimogne, an 'ardennais' village well known for its slate mines. It is prepared from ground shales by "Le Moulin à Couleurs", the last traditional manufacturer of colouring pigments and oxides in France.

To find out more about this fascinating place, go to my dedicated page or visit their website at Le Moulin à Couleurs.

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